Membership Internal Medicine

Speck Health

Cardiologists & Internists located in Ballard, Seattle, WA

Dr. Speck offers a comprehensive membership services to a limited number of clients who would like to delegate their health and wellness to Speck Health, based in Seattle, WA.

Membership Internal Medicine

We are now excepting new patients for our Internal Medicine membership practice with Dr. Cheryl Jacobs.

What is Membership Medicine?

The patient and doctor have an agreement where the patient pays a monthly fee in exchange for enhanced care.

What Does Speck Health Include in Their Membership Service?

The monthly membership fee ensures relationship based primary care with a focus on lifestyle changes for enhancing your health and longevity.

  • 24/7 access to our doctors
  • Easy access to longer appointments
  • Annual exams that include fitness and nutritional assessments, resulting in a personalized "health prescription”
  • Annual CIMT (carotid intimal medial thickeness) ultrasound as a component of cardiovascular health assessments
  • Annual consult with our exercise physiologist
  • Active coordination of your health care with specialists in Seattle and while traveling
  • Active coordination of inpatient hospital care in order to make a difference in your care.  
    • Locally we are affiliated with Swedish/Providence Health Systems and Overlake Medical Center. 
    • If you are out of town, we will be available to coordinate your care with you, your family and your providers during that episode of care.