Patient Stories



“Potentrx has helped me make major changes in my fitness, diet, and attitudes about my health. Doctor Soeck has guided my cardio care and answers all my questions in detail. I have also received helpful guidance from the nutritionist and fitness specialists, with many positive results in the past year.”

- Anonymous


“After experiencing a 2nd chance at life I embraced a new regime lead by Dr Speck and POTENTRx I was indeed fortunate to be saved by Seattle’s finest paramedics and Harbor View/UW ER after a few heart shocks. Now I really understand the importance – absolute necessity, of daily excercise and changing your diet. I have had way more success on the former vs the latter. Thanks to POTENTRx testing and Dr Spec and staff consultation to establish my optimum level of exercise performance and helping me better understand this cardio physiology. I like your ease of access/parking as well as your proximity to my other health care providers at Swedish and Polyclinic. Your PT and exercise equipment and your staff are the best!”

- Scott S.


“POTENTRx and Dr. Speck’s practice is a dynamite combination, with its focus on providing optimal exercise regimens for living healthfully. Of great value to me is learning that I don’t need to engage in extreme sports to get maximum benefit. The heart rate that burns fat most efficiently for me, as determined by POTENTRx measurements, is not as high as I would have thought. Working with Cali has been a delight. She has been inventive in customizing exercise regimens for both home and travel.”

- Lesley N.


“It has been a few months now since I became a patient under your Potentrx Program.  Doing so has made such a significant difference in my well being and I wished to take this time to extend my sincere thanks and offer the following comments:

The combination of medical care together with proper exercise and diet has been so enlightening and effective.  Being precisely tested as to my metabolic rate, aerobic capacity, etc. along with the exercise program tailored to my specific needs has increased my energy and endurance levels significantly.  The nutrition plan has also been instrumental as I am now eating in a manner that has allowed me to loose 46 pounds  and play a part in improving my cholesterol levels.

Thank you for providing not only a highly skilled staff of medical professionals but they are also a group of individuals each of whom make one feel personally  cared for.   Your choice to carry a lesser patient load and more dedicated care make me very grateful. I never feel rushed when I come to see you as  you “really listen” and  I know I can call any time and everyone knows who I am.  In the past, I have never been able to e-mail my doctor’s office and have my questions or concerns dealt with asap.  The office staff are also so friendly and efficient.  It is a pleasure to walk through the door of your office.”

Brenda V.


“I think I initially weighed in at Potentrx with John in the 225 to 228 range but I don’t totally recall.  I am down to 204 as of this morning.  Still trying to get to that 175 to 180 point but the progress is good.  Frankly I’m just excited to hopefully break the 200 mark in the next few weeks.  I’ve changed several things related to diet and exercise thanks to John and our conversations together.  My VO2 max numbers for HR of 118-120 was paramount in my change and getting time 3-4x a week at 30 min is difficult but I’m trying to make it work along with other fun exercise (recently just did a six leg relay race in Bend, OR solo called Pole Pedal Paddle).  John, the way you explain things with a spin towards science (but simplified for people like me), health, wellness and basic life in general puts things into perspective and is motivating.  The deliverable that I walked away with was perfect for people like me.  I’m a numbers guy who needs stats, goals and a plan.  I appreciate your respectful approach so much.  John you are exemplary to your profession.”

Martin B.


“I have been intending to write this thank you note since I returned from the Masters World Track Championships in mid October. I want to thank the both of you for helping me with my training, health and diet this past year. Since I was in last winter I made some adjustments to my diet by reducing carbohydrates and trying to avoid eating later in the evening. I eliminated having fruit shakes after riding and carried electrolytes (Hammer Nutrition Endurance Caps) in my water bottles instead of sports drinks. I also adjusted my training to focus more on endurance. I recall the recommendation was to spend 80% of my training time in the 127-144 HR range. I wore my HR monitor and tracked my HR more conscientiously this year as a result of this advice.

My results were the best I have had since 2001, and maybe better than that year as I did better in the longer events that I entered this year. I entered the U.S. Masters Track Nationals for the first time since 2008 and won the 500 Meter Time Trial and rode the second leg of our winning Team Sprint (3 person event). I also won medals in the Sprints (3rd), Scratch Race (3rd) and Points Race (5th). When I last went to Nationals in 2008 I got 3 Bronze and 1 fifth, so this year was a definite improvement, plus I beat the two riders in the 500 TT who had beaten me in 2008.

At the World Championships, I raced in the 65-69 age group (my age is 68) and our Team Sprint (same group as at Nationals) won the World Championship in this event (65+ age group).  I won the Silver in the 500 TT, Silver in the 3,000 Meter Team Pursuit, Bronze in the Sprints, and 4th in the Scratch Race. I usually do not medal in the Sprints and have never medaled in the Scratch Race or any longer distance race at Worlds in the past, so my relative fitness was clearly better this year. I had qualified 5th in the Sprints and noticed my top end speed was not as fast as when I went to Worlds in 2011, but I had a stronger finish which is more important in the sprints-being able to finish at sustained high speed. I had to sprint several times since I came up against No. 1 and No. 2 early and lost to these riders and had to advance through the repechage rounds, but had the endurance to beat all the rest of the qualifiers and I raced all of them!

As I look back on the past season, I was motivated to train in part by the fact that our Nationals were here at Marymoor this year, but the advice I received from you both was a very significant influence on my training and lifestyle. Racing wasn’t as hard because I had better endurance and it was actually enjoyable and has me looking forward to another season! Thank you again for you help and advice and please feel free to use me as a reference, if desired.”

Stan Gregg, President, Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle, Inc.


“I have implemented many of the suggested diet and exercise recommendations since the assessment and I have [created] a chart of my weekly workout schedule.  The data in the chart reflects the suggestion from my assessment to spend more of the time that I exercise in the targeted zone.  The changes that I have made based on your recommendations and the results are listed below.

Exercise changes
(1) I dialed back the intensity of three of the cycling workouts to keep my heart rate in the targeted zone.
(2) I substituted a body weight strengthening class for a weight lifting/boxing session re targeted heart rate zone.

Diet changes
(1) I no longer drink diet coke and have substituted water.
(2) I eat very few zone bars and have substituted real food emphasizing healthier foods.
(3) I have reduced alcohol by 50%.

Medical change
(1) I started taking the blood pressure and cholesterol medication recommended by Dr. Speck.

(1) Weight loss of five plus pounds.
(2) Intake of caffeine is way down re no more diet coke no increase in the amount of coffee that I drink.
(3)  High intensity cycling performance has increased by about 15%.
(4) Feel stronger and less tired than before making the changes.

Next steps
(1) I plan to schedule an appointment with your nutritionist in January.
(2) I will have new lab work done in January followed by a telephone consultation with Dr. Speck.

Thanks for your guidance and support.”

– Michael J. Gamsky, Attorney, Foster Pepper PLLC