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Dr. Speck offers Firefighters Medical Fitness Assessments to firefighters throughout Seattle to ensure not only their health and safety but also to protect the communities they serve. Sessions are available at the Speck Health practice in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA for full health assessments.

Firefighters Medical Fitness Assessments Q&A

What is included in the firefighter medical-fitness assessment?

The assessment includes six components:

  • Medical screening including a comprehensive physical exam and a blood panel
  • Pulmonary testing including lung function testing and chest x-rays
  • Cardiovascular screening including a 12-lead EKG stress test
  • Physiological testing for anaerobic and aerobic capacity including lactate production and clearance
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation of joint integrity and functional movement
  • Consultation to review the comprehensive report created by the physicians including all results and recommendations

How long does this take? Are all tests done on the same day?

All of the testing and the consultation take place during one four-hour appointment. A variety of clinicians and physicians will perform the tests and screenings and the patient will review everything with Dr. Sarah Speck and Dr. Dan Tripps. The test is compliant with standards established by ACE (American Council on Exercise) and IAFF (International Association of Firefighters). The two doctors will also prepare a formal report for each firefighter with medical and exercise recommendations.

Does the firefighter need to do anything to prepare for the visit?

Before the appointment the firefighter will need to complete a health history questionnaire which establishes health and fitness goals, confirms specific issues of concern and provides baseline data to be discussed during the initial consultation and physical exam. The firefighter should come prepared for a fitness assessment as well, wearing comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. The fitness component consists of a body composition analysis, measurement of the resting metabolic rate, cellular health, measurement of aerobic capacity, a 12-lead EKG and monitoring of lactate production and clearance.

Why is it important for firefighters to have these physical assessments?

The National Fire Protection Association has standards on the physical and health programs used by fire departments to ensure the health and safety of the firefighters and the communities they serve. These standards are important as firefighters involved in emergency operations need to be able to perform their duties at peak levels while also reducing the risk of injury, disease and premature death. The risks associated with the profession are high due, so it is essential that firefighters maintain peak fitness and health standards and have regular screenings as the benefits including lower chances of injury or cardiovascular health issues as well as better professional performance and a higher quality of life.


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