How Yoga Restored a Woman's Independence

We tout the benefits of yoga for mind and body connection, strength, flexibility, and stress relief. Regular yoga practice has also been shown to improve cardio and circulatory health as well as promote weight loss. This success story displays more benefits such as posture and pain relief. Anna Pesce an 85-year old with chronic back pain began yoga at 85-years old. When she started she was barely able to walk, but within a month of regular practice she was walking and within four months she was doing modified head stands…at 85 years old.

Anna also learned to manage her pain with poses and stretches. Whenever pain in a certain area would arise she would perform a variety of stretches and poses to alleviate the pain. She regained mobility and a new found sense of independence through her yoga practice.

Read more about her journey in the article highlighting her journey in the New York Post.

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