Fidgeting is good for your heart

Are you a fidgeter?  Are your toes constantly tapping or legs swaying from side to side? Did this get your in trouble in school?.  Good news, you may be healthier than your still counterpart! A study published in The American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology in July showed that the vessel’s in legs who partake in small muscular movements while sitting respond better to changes in blood pressure and show better arterial health. The movement keeps the arteries more agile and responsive to blood pressure changes. This specific study did not look at the response to multiple sedentary periods of time and whether the effect was cumulative but this should be the next line of focus.

You can increase movement in your legs to keep your arteries more responsive through simple tricks such as listening to music and tapping your toes to the beat. Try sitting on a yoga ball, this requires you to adjust frequently to maintain balance. If you sit in a revolving chair, rotate your lower half side to side while sitting. Strive to walk 8-minutes and stand for two minutes of every hour to benefit your arterial health.

Mackenzie Bannister

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