Become a healthier you

Choosing to recommit to a healthy lifestyle can be daunting and deterring. Many feel it is all or nothing, though it does not have to be. Small healthier choices can add up and build on each other, leading you to a healthier lifestyle. Start with one small healthy habit, then the next one will be easier.For diet, try committing to coloring your plate. Avoid all or nothing fad diets, instead make a pact to eat a minimum of two different colors on each plate. Different color foods have diverse nutrients, resulting in a more balanced diet. Choosing whole foods and avoiding processed foods will also increase the variance in your diet.Exercise does not have to equate to slaving away at the gym for an hour every day. Small activities throughout the day add up. Park across the parking lot and get a few extra steps on the way to your destination. Per the CDC’s recommendations you should strive to achieve 150 minutes per week of exercise, but studies have shown an hour of walking per week has been shown to result in a 15% decrease in the risk of death. Check out the article here for small simple steps to living healthier.

Mackenzie Bannister

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