Jennifer Aglubat, PT



Jennifer Aglubat, PT

Physical Therapist

Jennifer Aglubat is a physical therapist and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist with extensive practice in biomechanical assessment, evaluation, and treatment of movement dysfunction, and development of customized treatment programs based on best practices.

Jennifer graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Biology, and from Mount St. Mary’s University with her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. During her time at

Mount St. Mary’s, Jennifer served as a graduate teaching assistant for anatomy curriculum and was a founding member of the university’s student-run pro bono physical therapy clinic. She has worked with Division 1 Athletic Programs, to include traveling with collegiate football, basketball, and soccer teams for on-field injury management and rehabilitation, as well as professional athletes and dancers.

Additionally, Jennifer is a member of the multidisciplinary Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine Group and serves on a task force aimed at developing an ACL Injury prevention program for youth athletes.

She has contributed to the physical therapy profession by serving as an item writer for the National Physical Therapy Exam and is a credentialed clinical instructor for physical therapy students.

In addition to her work with POTENTRx, Jennifer currently practices in an outpatient orthopedic and sports clinic with an emphasis on post-operative rehabilitation, return to sports testing, biomechanical analysis, and development of functional strengthening programs.

Speck Health Philosophy

Dr. Speck treats the whole person and focuses on the longevity of the treatment. Her goal is not to simply treat the problem with medications or surgery, but to instead work with the patient to implement a healthy lifestyle and promote overall health. Dr. Speck identifies risks and when medically appropriate uses the known benefits of exercise and nutrition to help manage cardiovascular risks. She helps patients navigate the medical system to ensure the best and prompt care. Many of her patients have a worrisome cardiovascular family history and want to act preemptively versus reactively.  Dr. Speck is dedicated to working with the patient to aid them to be champions of their own health. Every step of the way, she will listen to you, she will gather information, and make a plan that works for you as you move forward together.

Our Lifestyle Medicine Philosophy

Speck Health is a concierge lifestyle medicine clinic  that combines exercise and nutrition with internal medicine, preventive cardiology, and naturopathic medicine.  Together, our exercise, nutrition and medical staffs identify strategies that will enable you to experience a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Unlike other medical clinics, fitness clubs, books, and the internet that provide only a piece of the puzzle, Speck Health is the only place where you can obtain a comprehensive, scientifically measured, personally designed and monitored action plan and a team of professionals who will work with you until you succeed.

Speck Health operates an in-office human performance lab called POTENTRX through which it conducts health and risk screening tests that are not covered by insurance.  The presence of POTENTRX enables you to receive rapid turn-around of results and to pay a reduced retail fee for important preventive and rehabilitative analyses that insurance plans do not cover.